About the Project

'Great Grandfather Maximilian Jacobovitch wasn't born here. When the soldiers and cholera came the family decided to make the long journey and sail West, they arrived in London in 1895. They found themselves in Woolwich, where their uncles, aunts and cousins were living above a greengrocer - and here they stayed.'

A new outdoor mobile phone game set in Woolwich, created by Active Ingredient and commissioned by Stream.

Exploding Places takes you on a journey through time and space. You arrive in a fictional Woolwich, create your own community and place them in the real world Woolwich. Over the space of an hour you and your community travel through 120 years of local and global history. The First World War passes in just a few minutes as you play the game to ensure your survival. Can you grow the strongest community?

You can interact with other players, join together and respond to conflict or difficulties in each other's communities. The ultimate goal is to build a thriving community that grows and creates a new generation, based on health, wealth, knowledge, participation and your contribution to the game.

Exploding Places is a prototype of a real world SIM city or Monopoly, played live on the streets of Woolwich. You play on the phone screen and through headphones, as you walk the town's real streets. Exploding Places encourages us to explore and discover Woolwich in a new way, meet other players in both the real and fictional world of the game and experience the history and geography of Woolwich in a playful way.

Come to the launch event and be the first to play!

To play you must first register a place:

Call 020 8858 2825 or Use our form

Once registered, come to the launch event and play:

When: Saturday 24th July 2010, 11am - 5pm

Where: The Tramshed, 51 - 53 Woolwich New Road London SE18 6ES

Guidelines for people booking:

1. What a participants need to bring: Please ensure that you wear comfortable shoes or trainers to walk in, be prepared for the weather, bring an umbrella!

To borrow one of the Exploding Places phones we will require either a credit card, driving licence or other photo ID to exchange for the phones for the duration of the event. This will be stored in a safety deposit box until the phone is returned to us.

2. Who is it suitable for(ages, abilities, languages): The game and event is suitable for all ages from 8 years old and above, parents can use their discretion.
Any young people under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
There are 10 phones available for each time slot. Players are advised to play on their own but the phone and headphones can be shared at the discretion of the players.
The game consists of some English language text, minimal audio and is mostly a visual experience. You will be required to walk or travel around Woolwich for one hour. If you have mobility issues or visual impairments or have any other questions about the accessibility of the experience then please feel free to contact us directly.

3. Duration: The experience lasts for 90 minutes, this will involve half an hour set up and introduction and one hour game play. Please ensure that you arrive before your time slot starts as you will miss elements of the experience if you are late and this could affect your game play.

4. Location: Please go to the Tramshed at the timeslot allocated to you. The game world encompasses Woolwich City Centre, the Arsenal, the High Street and roads around the centre. Be prepared to walk around this area of Woolwich during the experience.

Watch this site as more will be added as we get closer to the event on the 24th July